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For the purposes of keeping this board alive, and because I've been thinking about this question, please answer. I'm interested in how people from all sorts of backgrounds come to activism.

-- J.Yes (, April 02, 2002


Was it an event that triggered it? Did you grow up in an activist family? Did you read a book? Learn something in a class?

-- J.Yes (, April 02, 2002.

i became involved in left activism during my senior year in high school---1968 (somewhat of an interesting year!)and have remained active to some degree since then. i attended a catholic school and a religion teacher exposed me to the civil rights/peace movement. Two years later, i was in federal prison for ripping off a draft board with 3 comrades. These days, i'm working with Chicago Street Action Medics but consider myself "politically homeless" until a group can be found that is non-sectarian that feels comfortable to work with (Chicago DAN and the A-Zone are safe havens for me at the moment-both have some really good folks). There seems to be an increasing need to once again "up" our level of action and personal risk. Since i have no "personal" life/romantic relationship, i can once again take some risks. i'd like to hear how others got involved and continue to stay active.

-- kevin (, April 12, 2002.

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