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I recently acquired a motor drive R for my R4 but can only get it to move a little when not totally connected (not secured with tripod socket) to the camera. Is there a secret? Do I have to remove the bottom cover of the camera? or did I get a bad unit? When mounted, it doesn't allow use of the camera shutter release, yes?


-- stuart (, April 01, 2002



The R4 came with a plastic bottom cover. It could be that yours was never removed. If you can see the copper contacts on the bottom of your unit, the cover is off and the unit shoud work. Mounted, you should be able to use the camera release as well as the release on the drive itself.

You probably should also check that your battery contacts are clean. If this is an old unit, they coud be corroded and contact would be sporadic.

Good luck - Seth

-- Seth Honeyman (, April 01, 2002.

thanks for the info. i didn't have the plastic cover but i just opened and cleaned the camera's battery holder, remounted the drive and it works fine. however, the camera battery check light doesn't work now (it did before, but didn't in my previous tries as well).

also, this camera has been sitting for several years. i just now was focusing through the whole range of movement with the 50mm 1.4 and the focusing ring now has very little resistance and doesn't focus. what happened?


-- stuart (, April 01, 2002.

I was a R user for about 15 years ago. Memory is not that good anymore. I am fairly sure once the motor drive is connected power comes from the motor Batteries. Make sure you use only Alkaline or better. Heavy duty batteries don't even work fresh out of the package. For the camera a DL 1/3 is better than two MS 76s. The DL 1/3 will die almost instantly but give you better results. MS 76 will die a slow death. I have found Durecell is best tne Eveready. Kodak batteries suck big time.

To run the camara without a battery set shutter speed to the colored 125th. Take the battery out of the camera, try using it with and with out drive attatched. That will help you pin point what is effecting what.

I also remember something about getting a lot more concistant results using the exposure button on the drive.

I have a drive with a broken screw mount for battery holder if anyone is interested.

-- John Goan (, April 01, 2002.

With the motor drive attached, the camera uses the motor drive batteries. To check the batteries, hold down the usual test switch and press in the 'mode' switch at the same time.

-- Neil Johnstone (, April 02, 2002.

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