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How can I find information on "General Systems Theory", or Salvador Minuchin?

-- Richard Harper (, April 01, 2002


Minuchin actually represents structural family therapy, which is one application of systems theory. You can find his work in the following books:

Fishman, H. C., & Rosman, B. (Eds.). (1986). Evolving models for family change: A volume in honor of Salvador Minuchin. New York: Guilford. RC488.5 E96

Minuchin, P., Colapinto, J., & Minuchin, S. (1998). Working with families of the poor. New York: Guilford.

Minuchin, S. (1974). Families and family therapy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard.

Minuchin, S. (1984). Family kaleidoscope: Images of violence and healing. Cambridge: Harvard.

Minuchin, S., & Nichols, M. P. (1998). Family healing: Tales of hope & renewal from family therapy. Collingdale: DIANE Publishing Company.

Minuchin, S., & Fishman, H. C. (198l). Family therapy techniques. Cambridge: Harvard.

Minuchin, S., Lee, W.-Y., & Simon, G. M. (1997). Mastering family therapy: Journeys of growth and transformation. New York: Wiley.

Minuchin, S. (& M. P. Nichols). (1992). Family healing: Tales of hope and renewal from family therapy. Toronto: Maxwell/Macmillan.

If you can find back issues of the Family Therapy Networker, there has been at least one lengthy interview with Minuchin that covers his fascinating life story.

You can find out about many other applications of general systems theory by consulting the two volumes of the Handbook of Family Therapy (Gurman & Kniskern, 1981, 1991).

-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (, April 01, 2002.

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