Which is a better 4X5 online developer, theslideprinter.com or Praus Productions?

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Hi, Everyone.

Which is a better 4X5 online developer, theslideprinter.com or Praus Productions (www.4photo.com)?

Any others you would recommend over these guys?

Keep in mind, I'm not thinking in terms of price (there both about the same), but in terms of processing consistency and quality.



-- Peter Chipman (chippete@yahoo.com), April 01, 2002


Praus is my local E6 lab. Consistently excellent and always pleasant and willing to help.

-- Mark Sampson (MSampson45@aol.com), April 01, 2002.

When I lived in Denver, I used The Slideprinter regularly for printing my color shots. Never had anything developed there, but they always did excellent work for me, and I never heard any complaints about them.


-- Anthony J. Kohler (arbitrator@uneedspeed.net), April 01, 2002.


Like Tony, I have had excellent work done by "The Slide Printer." I was using them for Printing only and was always pleased. They are still a Local Lab for me. Now the NEGATIVE, I was not a High Volume customer, But the last time I was in there (2yrs), I swore it would be a Cold Day in Hell, before I subjected myself to the Rudeness of one of their so-called managers, a women who definitely had a chip on her shoulder. I since have found that I am NOT alone in this discovery. I recently helped two students out from the local University that wanted to try LF. They used "The Slide Printer" on the recommendation of their Instructors "Local Lab List." The one young Lady said she was almost in tears by the time she finished with a women who helped her. The young Man opted out for digital.


-- R.L.(Mac)McDonald (rmacsteam@aol.com), April 01, 2002.

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