Written Assignment - Philip McShane - 1 April 02

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It is the first of April, but this is not a Joke!

Someone asked me to write an email about the assignement. I thought it could be useful to have it here:

The assignment is to write not more than 1200 words (i.e. about three and a half pages, double spaced, typed) on the chapter you have chosen. Dulles presents five different approaches to revelation. Each of these approaches has been presented by various people (not to worry too much about the lists of names representing each position--many of them are not well known). Each approach has its strong point (things it does well) and its weak points (things that don't emerge well in this approach).

Your job is to give an account of the chapter you have chosen and to give your assessment of this approach to revelation.

In doing this, I suggest you, first of all, pay attention to what appears under the heading the heading, "Summary". Then have a look at the "Merits of the ... Model", then look at the "Criticisms of the ... Model". Then, after that, go back and read the whole chapter.

Your presentation should reflect Dulles method: You should give your summary of the approach to revelation in your chapter. Then you should give your summaries of the strong points and then of the weak points. Then you should give your own evauation of the material you have read.

The date for completion is Thursday 25th April.

Finally, May the Blessings of Easter be with you!

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

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