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Melissa, a few years ago we were traveling around ohio, and we were in a town, [tried to tell friend where we were, but forgot] any way there's a I believe he was a german oil painter, and he did a murel of ana baptist span over the centary's that was in a circle on a lg. wall. And he also painted on lg. canvas"s Johnny appleseed, paul bunyan, etc. in very bright colors, where were we? I know we were in Amish country.

-- Irene texas (, March 31, 2002


I have never seen this particular painting, but it may be near Sugarcreek. I will ask my Mom, as she and her husband go there all the time. Marci may know also, she lived near there I believe...

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, March 31, 2002.

My Mom said she thinks it is between Sugar Creek and Berlin. She has been there before but can't remember the exact town.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, March 31, 2002.

It is called Behalt. It is between Berlin and Walnut Creek. I believe it is on Rt. 77 just off of Rt. 39. If you need more information, email me and I will try and get it for you.

-- Marci in NE Ohio (, March 31, 2002.

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