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I made a movie in my Windows movie maker. My pictures that i used to make the movie are very high quality and are from the negative instead of the picture. Anyways im lookin into making a VCD -but my burning program tells me that i have to save it at a smaller resolution and make it an AVI or MPEG-i dont know how to do this-i thought i could just put my WMV on a CDRW but it tells me it is not a valid file-i want to save it to cd without loosing any quality

-- iMotionNeon (, March 31, 2002


For one if you are thinking of making a VCD then you should save your video as either avi or mpg. Once you have done that, you can convert your avi to mpeg1 (VCD format) / convert your mpg video to mpg1. note vcd is mpeg with a fixed data rate smthing like 115mbs. i haven't used windows movie maker (still stuck w/ 98) but if it has the option of saving to avi then save your video to the highest quality avi possible (preferably intel indeo 5.0 or even cine..)

anywayz once you have saved it then you can use avi2vcd downloadable from one of these sites. (don't know which one but you will also find very useful info there)

i do not recommend converting your wmv to avi as you will loose video quality. use the original files.

hope it helps Ricardo B.

-- Ricardo B. (, April 01, 2002.

imotion, i have now included my email address

Ricardo B.

-- Ricardo B. (, April 01, 2002.

I would like to note that you sir/madam did not contribute an answer.

Unfortunatly, i have noticed that Movie maker does not allow you to save anything as anything but wmv. I my self am currently trying to Convert Wmv To mpeg for playback on a more older computer (Wmv will play but very poorly). So if anyone finds any software that will convert to mpeg in good quality (the software should not be to big and prefferably win 95, however i have access to all os, excluding xp) please, please, please for the love of god please e-mail me at GRIFFOSFX@YAHOO.CO.UK.



-- Michael Griffiths (, January 02, 2003.

Here's a answer 8^)

Your photo resolutions will have to be either 720x480 for a SVCD/XVCD, 704x480 for an mpeg still/VCD or 352x240 for mpeg/VCD.

720x480 as an mpeg2 video stream will obviously give you the best results, but may not play on all machines.

Note that these are NTSC resolutions; PAL is slightly different, but I'm assuming you're American from your use of the (non-) word "anyways." (No offence intended if I'm wrong)

-- No One (, January 14, 2003.

Wow, lot's of hostility on this message board. But I have an answer to the original question: How to convert WMV/ASF to MPEG or AVI.

An older version of VirtualDub--v. 1.3c--are capable of handling older forms of .asf files. The newer versions of VirtualDub do not handle these files for copyright reasons, so be sure to get v. 1.3c.

Newer .asf and .wmv files won't even load into VirtualDub, and if that happens you need to convert the file into a VCD using TMPGEnc. This program should load almost any video file and convert it to MPEG- 1.

If you'd like to know how to make an AVI out of the MPEG-1 that you get from TMPGEnc, send me an email because its a more compicated process.


-- Ryan Thomas (, January 16, 2003.

I tried using the TMPG Enc from to convert a Windows Moviemaker file (.wmv) to mpeg and it worked great! Thank you

-- Jon Hammond (, January 31, 2003.

tmpgenc does not support wmv files ... or am i wrong ?

-- freddy (, January 31, 2003.

TMPGEnc supports wmv files ... in other words u can convert from .wmv to .mpeg ... I have tried it and it works pretty good.

Thx. Vik.

-- Vik (, February 16, 2003.

TPMGenc works, eo video however, is even better, converts all video media types (including real media and wmv) to mpeg-1, mpeg1-vcd, mpeg- 2 /svcd or avi.

This should solve all problems

-- Danzig (, February 17, 2003.

i triend EO VIDEO but it only convert the audio but not the video. anyone can help?

-- Sean (, February 23, 2003.

Blaze media pro ( is another converter for WMV to mpeg or any format. It worked well with me.

-- Tushar Ganage (, February 27, 2003.

Thanks for info going to try TMPEG now been using it for vob to mpeg for a while now.

-- phil (, March 08, 2003. which one works the best? EO Video, Blaze Media Pro, or TMPGEnc?

-- Allan Requierme (, March 30, 2003.

Blaze works great! Unfortunately it is 50$ USD. Or 15 day free trial. EO is good but i've ahd trouble with the sound portion (missing or undecodeable errors).

-- Moon_Man (, April 14, 2003.

How do you use TMPGEnc to convert from WMV to MPEG? I have had the file downloaded for a while, but I have no clue where to do it... help!

-- Abby Hallard (, April 19, 2003.

Its easy just follow the step by step wizard (in the later versions) and when it asks for an audio/video source select your wmv or any other video file and follow the on screen instructions :-)

-- N/a (, April 23, 2003.

Although there is no *.WMV option in TMPGenc's file/open/file types combobox list, you CAN import WMV files into TMPGenc. Just choose "All Files (*.*)" in the file types list and then point to a WMV file.

-- nb (, April 25, 2003.

I also created a movie using Windows movie maker. I tried converting it into mpg using tmpgenc. It works perfectly fine until 14 per cent. Then the cpu performance drops from 100% to 3-4%. this wouldn't be the largest problem if the movie still was converted completely. But after watching it i noticed that after the 14% the sound suddenly disappears. Does anyone know, where the problem is ? I have no clue ! I tried converting it into avi, but this doesn't work neither. I dont think the file is damaged or something like it. Is there a trick I missed using windows movie maker ??



-- Walker (, April 25, 2003.

I'd like to contribute just a little bit. I have been researching this thing of converting a wmv file, and I have come up with many programs to do that. But I think the first basic step for those novice users would be to use a search engine typing the entry as a question. You'll see infinity of answers. Now, TMPGEnc is one of the best ways to convert to mpeg and avi, especially if you guys want to convert to VCD directly as well. How to do it? Somebody has already posted a website address where you will find the quick steps to work with all that sort of video/audio files especially for SVCD/VCD and others. Just go to : Now, they also tell you about the problem with TMPGEnc handling sound when converting a file. TMPGEnc handles video very well, but you must extract the sound stream and convert it to .wav file for better results. If you don't do that, you will get an audio sync problem. Which it's fixable, but then again, why do you want to work twice as double? How to extract sound from your file? Virtualdub is the option for most people, but since they have a copyright problem with Microsoft (wmv belongs to Microsoft), they had to remove the wmv handler. But yes, as somebody mentioned before, older versions of Virtualdub can process .wmv files. And there is nothing that Microsoft can do about it,(at least for now). But How can you extract the file then? Use another program, just like AsfTools. It's pretty simple and easy, way more simple than Virtualdub. Just select file, chose wav output and click convert. That's it. It's even faster than virtualdub. It doesn't uses up your memory because it's a very small tool. But, Where to find it? Just go to : Well, that's pretty much what you need to know. The rest is your homework, read that info on that vcdhelp website. There's just one thing I don't know yet, but i will in a little while. What is the frames per second of my .wmv movie? I need that info, because in TMPGEnc you have to chose whether your VCD/SVCD file is going to be processed as Pal or NTSC, depending on the fps (frames per second). So, If I don't come back.. somebody, just add that little thing in here please..

A Guy who was passing by during his research and wishes to contribute.

-- Ed (, April 26, 2003.

NTSC has a rate of about 29 Frames per second and PAL has about 26 FPS NTSC is the standard in the US and PAL is standard in England

-- Jack Daniels (, April 26, 2003.

Iam having a Problem in the TMPG Enc. The Problem is when I Import the wmv file in to it and starts the encord, it generates an error which says "TMPGEnc.exe has generated Errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to Restart the Program. An Error log is being created." this is the massage creates when i start to encode. when this error occers then i restart the computer & tryes again also its coming the same error. So please please can any of you tel me how can i convert a wmv file to mpeg

-- Schippey (, April 27, 2003.

ED, I suppose your question wasnt 'what framate is NTSC and PAL' but "what framerate is my movie'. For that you could use GSpot (freeware), which recognizes the codec needed to play any movie file and at the same times gives some info about the file, such as framerate. It works for mpg and avi and it CAN load load a wmv, but for the tiny wmv's -:o)- I now have on my system it says N.A. at the framerate box. Try for yourself.

About TMPEG crashing at startup: I've had that. In my case it had to do with Tmpgenc's ini file being corrupt. I killed Tmpeg.ini, fired up the app and everything was OK again.

-- dontremember (, April 27, 2003.

You can save WMV to AVI from Windows Movie Player. Select "DV-AVI (NTSC)" when saving. This saves the movie as a AVI with 720x480,30fps.

-- Phil (, May 18, 2003.

I know that tmpgenc converts wmv to mpeg.. but it doesnt work for all wmv files.. I tried converting wmv to avi and from avi to mpeg but its tedious.. what is windows movie player? never heard of it b4..

-- Krish (, May 23, 2003.

The only way I have ever 100% successfully converted from .wmv to any other format is using STOIK Video Converter -

Use the Huffyuv codecs for best results - ml

Download the most current DLL. Your output file will be an .avi which you can then convert to .mpg using TMPGEnc - OR

It's takes a fair bit of time so convert from .wmv to .avi but the results are decent.

-- modtang (modtang[DELETETHIS], June 25, 2003.

Is there any way to convert a WMV file (using Windows Media Audio/Video V7 codec) to MPG or Mov on the Macintosh? I'm a complete novice but have a short clip I want to edit and use that is in WMV.

-- Gordon Cottle (, July 01, 2003.

hey -- about converting wmv on a mac -- I am a mac user myself, and the best solution I've come up with is using a friends software on his windows XP. lol its not much of a solution, but I've fiddled around with various free/shareware tools on my mac, and as I can now convert between any other format imaginable, I cant successfully work with wmv -- what doesn't help is that newer .wmv files don't even play w/ windows media for osX. I was thinking that a program like final cut pro could work with/import wmv files, but I haven't tried it

-- Yelli (, July 05, 2003.

I was using TMPGEnc for converting WMV to mpg files and VCD. I formated my hard drive and re-installed everything. Now it refuses to convert WMV files. AVI and other formats works fine. Can any one please tell me i miss some thing.

-- TMPGEnc (, August 12, 2003.

I use Windows Movie Maker 2 - it is superb considering it is free. I avoid wmv files altogether. I capture from DV, and edit then save as DV-AVI. Admittedly this takes a lot of space so might not work for all users. I then convert the AVI file to mpeg1 using tmgGENC and have never had any problems. The mpeg1 rendering of tmpGENC is superb. Another way is to get Nero 6 which can convert avi files to mpegs.

-- Orsino (, August 31, 2003.

i think that opening up the wmv file in moviemaker 2 and then saving the movie file as dv (avi) is the best way to do it because i hate working with wmv its just now very f**king user friendly or compatible with other programs other than microsofts

-- well dur ^ (, November 13, 2003.

First of.. All you have to do is save the file as a wmv file as the program wants to as default anyways. Then use Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition. Which has wmv support. Click on make vcd and drag the file over. It converts it and burns it for you. Very simple.. It will still keep the quality of the pictures that you have made into your movie. Burn the movie to a CDR not a CDRW. Because it will close the disk and finalize it so that most players will read it. If the disk is left open then alot of players wont reconize it.

-- Bob "Movieman" Clydes (, March 02, 2004.

TMPGenc does "NOT" work for converting WMV files to mpg.

If you try to open a WMV file with the latest version of TMPGenc (2.521) it says the file type is not supported. If you can import wmv files you might have some kind of third party codec installed on your system or something.

But as for TMPGenc in it's downloaded form, it does NOT support WMV files!

-- Someone (, March 12, 2004.

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