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I have an opportunity to buy this lens in a synchro-compur shutter used, in 'excellent' condition. I will use it on a 4x5 (shen-hao) to shoot rollfilm, mainly in color. Anyone have opinions on this lens? Does anyone know approx how old it is? I'm pretty sure it's multi-coated, but not sure. Any info whatsoever about this lens/shutter combo is greatly appreciated. And I really mean *any* information at all. Thanks in advance.

-- Paul Frank (, March 31, 2002


Paul, check out ses/

You'll find all technical information on all Schneider lenses ever made there. With the serial number you can easily find the age, as well.

-- Ole Tjugen (, March 31, 2002.


Proceed with caution. The only experience that I have had with this lens was on a Brooks Veriwide. It only just covers 6x9 and it screams out for a centre-filter at that. Wait and get the 47mm XL - a perfect choice with 6x9 & 6x12 and usable at 4x5 if needed.

Walter Glover

-- Walter Glover (, March 31, 2002.

can anyone comment on coverage of this lens on 6x7? that's what I'll be shooting and will not use movements (my front standard won't budge with th 47xl on it). I only expect to use a degree or so of front tilt.

-- Paul Frank (, March 31, 2002.

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