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I just purchased a brand new Leica 80-200 f4 Leica Vario- Elmar zoom from a reputable NYC dealer. It arrived in box in perfect condition from an external examination. However to my surprise the focus was rough like sandpaper and the focal length selector was loose and wobbley,over a mm of play in it. Last year I purchased a brand new M6 and the range finder was off, had to send it back for adjustment Whats up with Leica quality control? III be sending this lens back hopefully, I just wondered if anyone else has experience similar porblems or have I just been unlucky twice.

-- Ron Dixon (, March 30, 2002


I purchased the Leica 80-200 f4 Rom about 3 months ago. It was perfect. Smooth focusing and tight zoom control - a great performing lens overall! Sounds like maybe you're having some bad luck.

-- Kent Gastreich (, March 30, 2002.

My 180 3.4 Apo-Telyt unscrewed into two pieces. I screwed it back together-no problems afterwards. My 35-70 3.5- german edition, wobbled the entire time I owned it. The wobble of the front part never showed up in the print, though. Both lenses were newly bought. A while back I bought the 35-70 Angenieux R-lens new and it was defective which went well with the defective R-4 it was supposed to couple with. My new m-6 is flawless as is my new 75 Summilux. After seeing the first shots taken with the 75, wide open, all was forgiven. For what it is worth, I've had many problems with Alpa as well. My most trouble-free marque? Manuel Canons, but they don't take Leica or Alpa lenses.

-- Peter McDonough (, March 30, 2002.

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