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I started using tmpge to encode a movie file. At the end tmpge gave me the message"Error while decoding audio." Could someone please tell me what this means and how I can fix it. Thank you.

-- (, March 30, 2002


I want to see all the movies in this site

-- prashanth (, March 30, 2002.

Hey, maybe this will help alot of people. There is this web site I just found a few weeks ago, right now it is under construction, but this site sells DVD movies for only $7 or $8. Each movie though is a copy, but they are exact copies. I bought 3 movies from them and the picture is damn good and the sound is good as well. The movies are also on DVDs not CDs so they are not VCDs they are DVD movies! And they play fine in all DVD players I have tryed. And you can not be that price, it is damn cheap I have checked many other sites, but this site is the only site I have found that sells perfect copies of DVD movies on DVDs! it is just email that guy there and let him know what you are looking for. He is pretty cool, but he sells them as backup copies only. So just tell him you own the original already. This site also sells DVD recorders and Macrovision decoders.

-- Mike Sander (, April 14, 2002.

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