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Where was the Richmond Dairy located? It provided milk to SF in the late 1800s.

-- Ken Boeri (, March 28, 2002


There was a Richmond Dairy in Richmond, VA. It was started by my Great Grandfather and later owned and run by my grandfather and his brothers. It was probably in business from about 1885 or 1890 to 1960 or so, this is a very loose estimate so don't quote me! This is a very long way from San Francisco so I'm sure this is not the same dairy you are talking about, but it may be of some help.

-- James Gardner (, October 31, 2003.

My grandfather was a vice president for the Richmond Dairy. His name was Edward Hedgepeth. He started out driving a milk waggon. I have a 1940 picture of the building on my computer if you want it. I live in Highland County, Virginia.

-- Brian (, January 22, 2004.

Richmond still provides milk to shoppers food.

-- Wayne Carter (, July 29, 2004.

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