i need a vob viewer

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does someone know where i can download a vob viewer?


-- tranga (tranga@fawaka.com), March 28, 2002


You can use "PowerDVD" to open *.VOB files, unless the files have been encripted by CSS. Choose the "Open File Mode" instead of "Disc Mode" and select your *.VOB file.

-- Frederic (frederic@eltw.nec.com.tw), April 01, 2002.

Yeah. Do the same with "WinDVD" or "DVD2AVI" software.

-- Peter (petesimon@yahoo.com), April 01, 2002.

I copied the vob file on to my computer and played it with

RealOne Player that worked for me :)

-- 203 (I203I@hotmail.com), January 03, 2003.

Real Player doesn't work on vob files. He must have had some other codec or something that worked with Real.

-- Cain (cain410@hotmail.com), February 18, 2003.

I use Max DVD2Avi works just like a viewer,just open the vob and view it.

-- Edgar Rodriguez (erodgz1@yahoo.com), July 27, 2003.

The best little program is Vobrator

-- Just Helping Out (vobrator@hotmail.com), November 15, 2003.

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