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I'll be going to Grand Haven, Michigan the first or second week of May while my daughter attends a class. What is there to see and do while I'm there? Thanks Dave

-- Dave in Ohio (, March 28, 2002


Yes, for those of you who didn't know I was raised in Michigan. To confuse things further I suppose I could post at the other Susan who used to be from Michigan. But again I digress!

Dave I have spent many happy summers in the Grand Haven area. I'm sure things are different in the spring, less tourists for sure. Go the the sand dunes, they are wonderful. You might want to go to Holland, I don't know when they have the tulip festival, the lighthouse is pretty cool though! Sugatuck is a nice little artsy community and there is a highway that runs through the communities and would be pretty to drive. May seems to be one of the nicest months in the northern states. The bugs aren't out if full force, and everything is green and the flowers are going gangbusters. Plus loads of forum people live not too far from there, including my name sake.


-- Susan in MN (, March 30, 2002.

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