What's for Easter Dinner?

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We will be having an evening meal, with Ham, Brisket, potato and macaroni salads, baked beans, green (lettuce) salad, probably a couple of more veggie dishes of yet-unknown type, mom's hot rolls, a relish dish, tea, juice and soda.

We'll probably have a few desserts; a pecan pie, a strawberry cake, most likely a couple of others, and ice cream or whipped cream for the top.

What's the plans for your celebrations?

-- Christine in OK (cljford@mmcable.com), March 28, 2002


Here is our menu: My Families Polish Traditions

-- Karen (mountains_mama2@hotmail.com), March 28, 2002.

As always a Leg of Lamb from our last year's crop of lambs. We raise and sell market lambs so what else could we have! Debbie

-- Debbie in Ok. (bwolcott@cwis.net), March 28, 2002.

We are having Iowa Ham Balls, Polish sausage, dumplings (pirogi), yellow rice, unknown vegetable dish, salad, Jello beans, pickles & olives, deviled eggs & rolls. For dessert a three-layer cocoa cake with cocoa frosting, real vanilla ice cream (we are also celebrating a birthday!). Eggnog, coffee or juice to drink. This menu is slanted towards the Polish side of the family, but I don't know what my MIL is going to think of the ham balls!

-- Jean (schiszik@tbcnet.com), March 28, 2002.

I am going to my Dad's for dinner. I volunteered to bring scalloped potatoes and a dessert. Still thinking on the dessert! I might make a big batch of oatmeal rolls as well. So other than that I don't know what I am having, but I am sure it will be good. My step-mother is a great cook!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (me@home.net), March 28, 2002.

A large honey baked ham, mac and cheese, dinner rolls, left over turkey from last weekend, green beans, sweet taters, mashed taters, lemonade pie, cheesecake.

-- Melinda (speciallady104@hotmail.com), March 28, 2002.

We are having a big ham, scalloped potatoes, glazed carrots, salads (3), asparagus, homemade rolls, and for dessert a chocolate cheesecake and carrot cake. My sister and I always decorate Easter cookies, so there should be some of those still around by Sunday.

-- Ivy in NW AR (balch84@cox-internet.com), March 28, 2002.

Sugar Cured Ham from the Ozarks, mashed potatoes and gravy,sweet potatoes, green beansw/ham, corn, green salad, fried okra, broccoli/cheese and rice,homemade rolls,---cheery cheese cake, carrot cake and apple pie. There will be about 25-30 people all family!!

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (mbfrye@totelcsi.net), March 28, 2002.

Jean, What are Iowa ham balls? I grew up in IA but NEVER heard of them. Dinner: turkey, potatoes, deviled eggs and I haven't decided on the rest.

-- DW (djwallace@sotc.net), March 28, 2002.

Our dinner sounds a lot like yours Christine; ham, potato and macaroni salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, relish dish and rolls. We usually just snack on easter candy for dessert! We always eat our meal a couple of hours after we get home from church, about two-ish.

-- kathy in NE Ohio (kathy0801@msn.com), March 28, 2002.

DW, the ham balls are a recipe from one of Taste of Home's magazines. They are ground ham, ground beef, graham cracker crumbs etc mixture baked with a tangy sauce. They are very good! I can post the whole recipe if anyone wants it.

-- Jean (schiszik@tbcnet.com), March 30, 2002.

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