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how would Poe be considered a hero? How was he loyal and fearless?

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2002


This is a little coomplicated. He certainly gave his whole life to literature. His ruthlessness and integrity with literary criticism articles was often due to naive assurance and was not totally honest. Likewise when he rescued a friend on a swimming outing he bragged about his exploit without thinking he was the one who got his friend into the mess in the first place. Poverty and illness and drink did little to help his nerves and he could be his own worst enemy. He knew fear but could handle it or he would not have survived the various deaths, disappointments, illnesses. I think you can see that mix in his stories, the sensitive, emotionally stricken romantic yet trying to bring reason and courage to bear to solve the problem. He valued good literature beyond all personal needs, but of course necessity made that bend cruelly so you see Poe reduced to puffing minor poets for favors.

I have read biographers praising and damning Poe beyond the scope of his real life and character, which is no cookie cutter idol or devil for the fan or critic. To know the man read more of his works and his life as possible. He certainly bore a lot of suffering in pursuit of his ideals and certainly deserves our respect beyond whatever regard in which we hold his genius.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2002

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