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I was using NTI cd maker 2000 plus to make my own VCD. I kept getting the windows famous error message " this program has perform illegal operation..." exactly elapsed time 00:01:17 after I start burning VCD. My cd burner is HP cd-writer plus 7200e 2x2x6. Anyone know anything about this issue? Thank you!

Regards, bxq

-- bxq (, March 26, 2002


Check the forums in regards to this specific burner, HP burners have a short life span, their crystal burns out really fast. That might be an issue. Also, check for the latest drivers for the burner, and patches for the program, that might be an issue as well, especially if you did any types of upgrades lately. If that fails get NERO burning software. You can get a free full version on

-- Dariusz (SPYDER5029@AOL.COM), March 27, 2002.

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