Who else is running?

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As we are getting to the Mid Point of 2000-2004 -- announcements are being made for the Bishopric -- So who is running for other offices of the church: General Officers, Connectional Heads of orgranization. Part two -- what will be some other issues pressing for the 2004 general conference outside of Election of several bishops and the African Jurisdiction. What is simmering in the AME crockpot?

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002


Dear Brother I believe all of your questions will be answered in Tampa at the June meeting of the General Board/ Council of Bishop's Meeting. Hope you can attend. The changing of the guard (of the Council of Bishops Presidency)is quite an affair. Much I believe will be made clearer at that meeting.

God Bless You and Keep asking the questions

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

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