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Hi! I've been playing with 8x10 transfers for about a week and have noticed that every time I separate the negative and positive after it comes out of the processor, the positive has lighter streaks on it horizontally (about 1 or 2 at thirds of the page). These in turn create complete liftoff after I finish the transfer. The film is brand new (I've used about 10 of the sheets) and I'm sure I didn't touch the film, etc. The processor (a Polaroid Electric 81-12) is used and I just figured out how to clean the rollers (they were slightly dirty) and haven't tried it again. The film holder, loading tray, Daylab base are brand new.

I didn't think much of this problem (aside from annoyance) until I noticed that every one I did had this similar problem (and the streaks aren't in the same place each time either--close, though). Anything else I should clean? Do anything different with the film? It's kept in a cool, dry place. (I do live in a very dry environment...).


-- Leslie Parker (, March 26, 2002

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