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Does anyone have any experience using Fuji NPS160 for exposures longer than the recommended maximum 2 seconds?

If so, what are the reciprocity effects and how do you compensate?

Thanks again!

-- Stephen Vaughan (stephen@vaughanphotos.freeserve.co.uk), March 26, 2002


I do not use any Fuji film for exposures over 1 second, due to ugly color shift. I must recommend Kodak Portra VC 160, which maintains true color for exposures in excess of one hour. Times of course still get way longer. I would presume that NC is likewise color safe.

-- Christopher Condit (cxc@pacbell.net), March 26, 2002.

although i normally use kodack nc too for long exposures, it happened to me that i only had with me fuji nps films. i exposed them till 30sek and the pictures looked good to me.....difficult to say if they shift the color somehow...on neg. material. i like the nps film for its soft gradation.

-- rainer viertlböck (viertl@t-online.de), March 26, 2002.


I too have used NPS with long exposure times (2 - 10 minutes) and can't say I've noticed any problems. It's not like transparency film, where slight color shifts are noticeable and I ballparked reciprocity by giving 1.5x measured exposure. I don't shoot color critical subjects, so can't really comment on color shifts, but if it existed, it was easy enough to compensate for in the printing process.


-- Pete Caluori (pcaluori@hotmail.com), March 26, 2002.

have you tried Fuji NPL or Kodak Portra 100T? These are designed for long exposure with a 3200K balance.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (ellis@ellisvener.com), March 27, 2002.

portra kodak 100t looks fantastic for warn light situations...as the 64t slidefilm too. the npl?......i dont remember anything bad or good....

-- rainer viertlböck (viertl@navegalia.com), March 27, 2002.

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