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Does anybody know about distributors of the Toho cameras in Germany (or at least Europe)? I'm interested in the FC-45X... in Kerry's review of the camera, he mentions Robert White selling them, but I couldn't find any reference to Toho in the web store. In addition, I'd like to see the camera before shelling out the money, so I'd prefer a distributor within driving range...

-- Stefan Dalibor (, March 26, 2002


Yes, there is a german shop! Check out the URL: You will see: Toyo is quiet expensive! Until 1998 the Brenner Fotostube in Weiden ( sold this Toyo Cameras.

I think, the better way is: look for a used Linhof, Sinar or Plaubel - it is much easier to get any support.

Good luck!

-- Mark Kallfass (, March 26, 2002.


Robert White no longer carries the Toho cameras or accessories. I'm not sure if there are any other European dealers. You might check the Toho web site:

to see if they list any.


-- Kerry Thalmann (, March 26, 2002.


lets first end that BOLD thing :-) :-)

TOYO is exoensive, visit that wellknown shop in Cologne (Köln) at the Neumarkt, four weeks ago I bought there a Linhof Technikardan S at a very competative price!


-- Huib Smeets (, March 26, 2002.

It's TOHO not TOYO

-- Wayne DeWitt (, March 26, 2002.

Meanwhile, I checked with ToHo (the H was no typo, contrary to the `b' instead of `br' tag - sorry for the blaring :). Unfortunately, currently there seems to be no german or european distributor... after ready Kerry's review, that's a pity!

-- Stefan Dalibor (, March 26, 2002.


Sorry, i was in a hurry, therefore the typo's.....

Yep, I know that toHo and toYo are different brands.

Never ever seen a European distributor other than Robert White. But apparently he sells the Toho no longer.


-- Huib Smeets (, March 26, 2002.


Even though Robert White no longer stocks the Toho, they might be willing to special order one for you. I've dealt with them on occasion (recently bought a Toho Eccentric Lens Panel on close-out) and they are VERY acommodating and eager to please. Ditto for Badger Graphic here in the US.

I agree it would be preferable to handle any LF camera before committing to a purchase. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.


-- Kerry Thalmann (, March 26, 2002.

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