What cameras do I need for photography education?

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Basic Photography Course Commencement Date Friday 5th April, 2002 7:00pm - 9.00pm

Venue: Inoue Language and Art (Creative Studies Section) 1 Sophia Road, #04-01 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149 Tel: (65)63333318 The learning activities will introduce to the students the proper procedure for correct handling of the SLR camera, light sensitive materials and the basic photographic equipment.

The course consists of classroom sessions and practical field trips. Students will be required to complete all the activities and to submit all work done from each experiment for evaluation and certification.

The student needs to have a 35mm SLR camera with manual over-ride where you can operate the shutter speed and aperture manually. It is not necessary to own a camera for the first lesson as the course leader will advice the students of the options available accordingly.

Kindly call 65-63333318 for more details or email school@inoue.com.sg Photography courses are always ongoing and students can progress from Module One to Module Two etc.

-- Inoue Language and Art (school@inoue.com.sg), March 25, 2002


I am serving as a photographer in a samy govt. organization. I like to upgrade my quality in respect of photography, so I am very much interested to take admission in your institute. thanking you.

-- goutam roy (roy_gautam2002@yahoo.com), May 22, 2002.

The most important thing is to use a camera that you feel comfortable with. I have been using a Nikon F that's older than I am, but is a workhorse of a camera. Another fun and unique thing to do as a new photographer is to turn your own photos into instant postcards with PHOTOSTIX peel and stick postcard backs. There is a Free Priority Delivery offer going on right now at http://www.photostix.com/ps.html

-- Jery Chiappetta, Jr. (jerry@photostix.com), June 21, 2004.

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