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Why poems such as to f-- are missing the full was it lost or to hard to read. I am asking this because i am doing a research paper on Poe and i have to crtitiz to poems with the same theme i have found three.

1) Deep in Earth 2) Annabel lee 3) To F-- I think that they have th same theme of lost love. Tell me what you think as well as answer the question.

~Thanks~ ~Kat~

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002


When publishing in journals, etc. it was not always polite to mention the lady's name, especially when Poe merely was concerned about the poem, even reusing it several times to flatter different women a bit. Frances Osgood was last on the list for the "To F...." poem when it was published in 1845. There exists still the hint of Elmira Royter, his first lost love(dead to him by marrying another but an old flame still). See "To One in Paradise" included in the story "The Assignation."

After Virginia died Poe wrote the epitaph "Deep in Earth" on a copy of "Eulalie". "Annabel Lee" is more rebellious against the loss.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

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