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I noticed in Alan's " Wiring for DCC" Section 7, Useful Parts her recomends Digitrax DS-54 for controlling turnouts. I wondered why the DS-54 rather than the DS -44, since the 44 is less expensive. Anything I'm missing. I plan to use Peco Insulfrog turnouts with Tourtose turnouts. Thanks

-- Jack Curtin (, March 25, 2002


Why doesn't my web page mention the DS44??? It wasn't out when that part of the page was written.

Most definitely, if you don't need feedback AND you are operating slow motion machines, go with a DS44 or similar. I have lots of places on my railraod that don't have feedback and I don't use DS-54's there. Other manufacturers, CVP and NCE for example, also make non-feedback accessory decoders. I will be definitely giving the DS44 a try when I start building the main yard on my railroad.

-- Allan Gartner (, March 25, 2002.

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