why did you make a band

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I went to your show last friday, and i was deeply dissapointed. My friends and i agree, YOU SUCK!!! You guys should never do another show. What was that ish on MR. T? That was retarded fool. Never do that again. Ya'll are pathetic. If you ever want to go to a real show, never go to a tkw

-- smokey mcpott (bubbagump4211@cs.com), March 25, 2002


coming from smokey mcpott, i must say...

OUCH. and what is "ish"?

-- not deeply dissapointed (creepycolon@aol.com), March 25, 2002.

why did ur parents make u?

wow. ur one cool dude, spending your time posting on a bands' messageboard just to tell them they suck...at least u could have made some funny comment...i hate reading boring, stupid posts like yours. maybe you didn't like them because you come from an alternate universe where ppl use words like "ish" and "ya'll" or maybe you're jus a hic...eiter way "fool, YOU SUCK." how does using "fool" and "ya'll" in the same sentence work?

oh and i jus received a message from mr. t...he says "i pitty da foo who don't like tkw" see. even mr t. doesn't like u. me and mr. t r close personal friends, this is why i'm so friggin buff =)

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (princess@punkjunk.com), March 27, 2002.

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