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Comedian Richard Belzer wrote a book on the assassination of President Kennedy. In it he states his belief that Dan Rather works for the CIA and that's why he was the only reporter to view the Zapruder film, the first time anyone saw it. Rather told reporters afterward that President Kennedy was shot from behind. A ludicrous thing to say, especially later with people finding out otherwise.

I feel that Geraldo Rivera is also in cohoots with some agency -- he's such a macho man. Geraldo Rivera said on his CNBC show point blank that Oswald shot President Kennedy and that's all there is to it. Years ago, Geraldo got fired or quit (whichever version you want to believe) because the network refused to allow him to put together a show connecting Robert Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe's murder. And she was murdered. I saw a police photo that had her laying horizontally on the bed, leaning towards the pillows, with both arms and hands by her side. As a matter of fact, she was laying on the left side, with the arm beneath her. There was no telephone in her hand as been reported. She was in the "Soldier's Position." No one dies like that. I don't believe the Kennedys killed her but that she was told classified information -- bed talk --which she was going to tell at a press conference 2 days later to prove she knew them intimately. The CIA, who was tapping her phones and heard what she knew, moved in and killed her. Conveniently, Bobby Kennedy had been there earlier in the day. What's a puzzle to me is why kill the President when he could have been ruined by an association with Marilyn Monroe. How was that stuff kept secret? If it came out, he would have been ousted. Why plan such an intricate assassination? But they (whoever) did. Kay Cee

-- Kay Cee (, March 24, 2002


Ed Hoffman told the truth

Maybe good news today: New pictures of "Black Dog Man" and an "X-Crew" (behind the picket fence). See my Homepage: Soon...

-- Marcel DEHAESELEER (, August 18, 2002.

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