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Hello! Does anyone know what the difference is between a "copy" lens and a "Process" lens? (I assume, perhaps wrongly, that a process lens is APO) I've used both as enlarging lenses and the process(f9) is very dim, the copy lens is very usable however, and does a pretty impressive(to me) job with 16x20 and the rare 20x24. Also, does anyone know of a website that has the specs or other info on Ilex lenses? My previous thought of using a 305 G Claron for a taking lens and enlarging lens didn't pan out, but enlarging at f9 hasn't worked out(for me) in the past. STill, Robert Whites prices on new G-Clarons is tempting. A new 240 in a copal is pretty close to whats being asked for veteran 10" widefield Ektars. Hmmm....

-- John Kasaian (www.kasai9@aol.com), March 23, 2002


A Process Lens is usually set up in a fixed enviornment for 1:1 reproduction (e.g. simple Xerox machnines). A Copy Lens, on the other hand, is used and optimized for a certain magnification range (e.g. 1:20 to 2:1)


-- Thilo Schmid (tschmid@2pix.de), March 24, 2002.

Would a lens intended for a Xerox machine have an diaphragm?

-- Ed Balko (veggie@monmouth.com), March 25, 2002.

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