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what was edger allen poe's height weight color of his eyes and hair?

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2002


Check out - you'll find all you're looking for as far as Poe's appearance, as well as some pictures.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2002

I looked in - didn't give much - I did a google search on "physical description" "appearance" "vital statistics" and it didnt come up with much.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

did some more reserach, this time came through - I was doing the wrong search words. what a doof I am.

Poe describes himself as 5'8", although a doctor's description puts him at 5'10"

That same doctor (Dr. John J. Moran) attested to poe's weight at 140 lbs, although weight in humans tend to fluctuate sporadically, owing partially to the current rise in unhealthy food binges and marathon dieting.

his eyes' color descriptions have been varied - "the color is given as grey, hazel, violet, and even blue"... West Point Military Academy lists his eye color as grey (it also lists him as male. one would hope West Point wouild get that right.)

Poe's hair was often percieved as "black as a raven's wing". in retrospect, several locks of poe's hair remain, which are all dark brown. black is a common misconception with dark brown. the two are subtly different. being Chinese with "black" (read: dark brown) hair myself, I know it can happen. dark brown it is.

All the informatin I got was from look at it to see how it helps, if I wan't very clear.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

and another thing - start using commas.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

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