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I have successfully put part 1 of Queen of the Damned to a cd-rw and played it in my Sony dvd player. I'm trying to put part 2, which is 50 minutes, on another cd-rw. I'm using Nero Burning ROM 5.5 and everytime I encode the video for the VCD and it gets to the point of burning, it says the disc is full. I have erased the cd-rw 2 times using 2 different programs and I've also tried a brand new cd-r, and I still get the error. Does anybody have any idea why I keep getting this message?

-- Duran Henderson (, March 22, 2002


are you using the burning program to also convert the second part to vcd, or is it already a vcd compatible mpeg. If not, you might wanna try converting it to vcd compatible mpeg first with TMPGENC or similar program You could also update your nero to the latest version and see if this makes any difference. I understand they are upto apart from that, aint gotta clue

-- Batfink (, March 22, 2002.

batfink is correct..convert the file first and use nero to burn.nero doesnt encode to well.and when it says disc full i know its not talking about the cd.

-- john boy (, March 23, 2002.

Most likely your out of space on your hard drive. 50 minutes should require about 600 MB of free Hd space for temp files that you are converting with nero. Nero first checks the file to see if its mpeg- 1 format, and when its not, it will ask if youd like to encode it to such, when you click yes, it appears that it starts the burn process, but inreality, it starts to encode, first checking avaiable HD space, then, if space allows, encodes it. 50 minutes will take a few hours to encode before it actually burns. If thats the make some room on your HD and then try again, but i also recoment using a different encoding software, nero isnt that good.


-- Dariusz (, March 26, 2002.

i got the same message along with "calibration error" when using IMATION brand cd-r. i switched to another brand PNY and it works fine. now

-- daniel (, May 15, 2002.

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