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I suffer from PTSD )Post-Traumantic Disorder)and Bipolar Disorder-Schizo-Affective Type which was diagnosed in 1997. I see my Pyschiatrist monthly and cant afford counseling services since iam on SSDI Disability Income, I have Medicare (Part A & B, and Medicaid Spendown of $ 600 for Three Months Coverage. My pyschiatrist states that years of past domestic abuse both physical and sexual abuse by my biological father and the past physical abuse by an ex-wife who resented my homosexual orientation while in my marraige to her caused my mental problems which iam currently taking medications for. To complicate matters further is an physical diagnois of Lupus (SLE) which also causes mental problems. Can i get free counseling that is needed in my Local County of Phelps County (Rolla, Missouri)? What can i do to get pyschological help in dealing with both my physical and mental diabilities.Thanks for listening! P.S. I need an gay-friendly therapist who is empathic about my illineses, anyone avaialble to help this often depressed gay man. Sincerely Michael Email:

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2002

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