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I see from looking at the Hasselblad website that the Arcbody has disappeared. Now that it is gone, I wonder if I have missed out on a viable portable alternative to a 4x5 view camera. Have any of you used this camera and what are your opinions of it?

-- David Rose (, March 22, 2002


The Luminious Landscape did some great reviews on it.

I think a 2x3 view camera would be more effective at the same task. The Hassy camera used LF lenses, not Hassy lenses. I beleive Hassy still makes the flexbody camera, similar to the arc body, but with less movements. There is a European company that makes adapter plates that can covert fixed MF cameras into psuedo view cameras... i.e. offer rise and tilt. Don't have that link handy.

-- (, March 22, 2002.

i spent many years using small and medium format perspective control systems, and i have to say the hasselblad system was the most awkward and ridiculous system i ever put my hands on. of all the ones i used, i think i liked the pentax 6x7 system with the 75mm shift lens the best. i used it with a waist-level finder, both tripod and handheld, doing work on a couple of book projects, with excellent results.

-- jnorman (, March 22, 2002.

My understanding is that Hassie sold very few ArcBodies. The FlexBody is much more useful, and as it uses Hasselblad lenses, actually integrates with the camera system.

-- Arthur Gottschalk (, March 22, 2002.

Lots of threads on this over at search_type=rest§ions=static_pages§ions=bboard§ions=commen ts&query_string=arcbody

Also, Mike Reichmann's review is quite helpful: http://www.luminous-

I have been using a Flexbody for a couple of years. I chose it over the Arc for reasons illuminated here and other places, and it has proven to be a long term keeper. The Arcbody is wonderful if you can live with the 3 lens selection, and/or need copius amounts of front rise. And, of course, can accomodate the premium pricing.

If I were going to spend that kind of money for a purpose-built wide angle shift camera, I'd opt for the Horseman 612 Professional.


-- Kent Phelan (, March 22, 2002.


I thought long and hard about really portable view camera options last year, starting with the ArcBody. For size, weight, and function, the only real contender was Ebony's non-folding SW23.

For the functionality you get, the Arcbody is simply not a good value. Yes, the body is small and light, but you still have to carry viewer, RFH, lenses, spotmeter, and tripod - and you still have to go through all the operational steps associated with view cameras. For all that effort, you get a comparatively small film size. It might be a good complement to your existing Hasselblad gear, but if you have to start from scratch in the Hassy world then it's a bit pricey for what you get. Best regards, ke

-- Åke Vinberg (, March 23, 2002.

There are a couple of references here to Hasselblad's Flexbody- an obvious alternative to the Arcbody. My assumption about this camera is that the standard Blad wide angle lenses would allow very little movement with this camera- is this correct?

-- David Rose (, March 23, 2002.

David, this topic was also discussed at last year:

-- Åke Vinberg (, March 23, 2002.

The ARC body blad is being discontinued. The Flex body will remain in production. If you want alot of flexibility and want 6x9 the the ARC SWISS is a great choice, You can use the same lenses as on the flex body but you get a full view camera. You can put any lense on it and you can out a digital back on it too. It has full movements.

-- ED (, March 24, 2002.

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