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In his book, "The Prayer of Jesus" Hank Hannegraph points out that when we pray "Lord, let thy Kingdom come" we're praying for things to happen at three levels.

The first level is our own lives. We want God to establish His Kingdom in every area of our lives from relationships to prayer life to finances. He points out what happens too often though. The people of Israel had a picture in their minds what their Messaiah should look like, and he looked more like Kings Saul, David, and Solomon than a carpenter. How easily their cries of "Hosanna!" turned to "Crucify Him!"

When Jesus comes to your life to rule, do you have it all figured out how He needs to rule you? Who's really the ruler then? Who's dictating the plan? When we pray for the Kingdom to come in our lives we need to let God take us and do with us what He wills, and you'll be so glad you did.

Level two of this prayer involves our communities, or put another way, that part of the world I touch daily - my world. We need to work in the lives of people so that they are rescued from the jaws of satan's kingdom by seeing them saved and discipled. C.S. Lewis describes this world as "enemy occupied territory", and Chritianity as "the story of how the rightful king has landed in disguise and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign of sabotage."

When you pray for Muslims you're sabotaging satan's work. When you raise your kids in the fear of God you're sabotaging satan's work. When you tithe you're sabotaging satan's work. And when you witness to the lady in the next cubicle you're sabotaging satan's work. Oh for a few more people who are skilled at tossing wrenches into the machinery of the devil!

The third level of this prayer involves end times prophesy. Jesus has come and His battle was victorious. Still sin is rampant throughout the earth. Satan hasn't won, but Jesus' victory won't be complete until the Second Coming. It's like the Allied landing on Normandy. On that "longest day" Hitler's doom was sealed, but there was a lot of fighting left to go before the surrender was signed.

Jesus' victory has been sealed since He said, "It is finished." But there's a whole lot of fighting that has and will take place before Jesus returns in glory. Like those who fought the Axis, we need to take our place in the battle line, in the field kitchen, in the hospital, on the ship, or in the hangar, doing what our general has called us to do until the enemy surrenders.

Lord, let your Kingdom come in my life, my world, and in the world at large. Amen!

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2002


My! My! my brother

What a word. I always had interpretation problem with that specific phrase. I considered it as we being submissive at all times to God since we have that hope of the second coming of Christ and that we surrender ourselves in the hands of the Lord. But thank you for the information, I will surely use it in our bible study and prayer meetings.

Rev. A. Eberhardt Biwa Senior pastor

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2002

I wonder if Jesus wasn't telling us that His kingdom can be made manifest in us as we become more holy and righteous-many scriptures say we are to beome righteous as the Lord works His righteousness in us. We could not handle God's full glory(like Uzzah) but He wants us to have more power, through the Holy Spirit, as He promised to us all throughout scripture.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2003

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