d5 dichroic head-dials

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I am attempting to recalibate the dials on a d5 dichroic. Please clarify the following. In what position should the 3larger dials be in to commence the smaller counter dials at 000--ie. should the larger dials be "pushed"(counterclockwise) to their stopping point or "pulled"(clockwise) toward you as the starting point--or for that matter, does it have to be one or the other as long as it is consistent. (when you rotate the larger dials underneath the head, one either pushes or pulles the wheels(dials) to activate the smaller counter dials(cmy)(clockwise or counterclockwise)--rather confusing! thank you.

-- Raymond A. Bleesz (bleesz@vail.net), March 22, 2002


We calibrate everyday for the emulsion and chemistry for the day. The way we do it is to print a grey card negative and adjust for the grey card. Our grey card master neg prints at 100y 70M f22. If the print is off a bit, we adjust to match the master print and then calibrate by taking the screws out of the bottom and take the plate from the from of the dials. There is a screw underneath that you unscrew to release the tension from the wheels and after you have the perfect grey card print, you set the number wheel back to 100y 70m and 000c. We have 8 enlargers that have to talk to each other and this is the system that we use. For you, you might have to undo everything. Dial out ALL the dials and write those numbers down. Then take off the black plate, unscrew the number plate like I was saying earlier and undo all the numbers to 000. If you read the color print boxes with their starting filter pack, alot of them are 040y and 035M or something like that... my impression is that is with everything zeroed out. I hope my ramblings have shed a little light.

-- Scott Walton (walton@ll.mit.edu), March 22, 2002.

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