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I am using vcd easy and when I try to copy an mpeg file of 630mb it starts like everything is ok. When it is finished it ejects the disk and tells me it's succsseful. When I try and play it it only seems to copy 130mb of the file (I have checked the file size and it should fit on a 80min CDR. Can anyone help.

-- Terry Minter (, March 22, 2002


I can help you, but I want to politely point out that you did not do a good job of describing your problem. You should not say "copy" as some people will assume you are trying to copy one VCD to another. What you are trying to do is "burn" a VCD. Now to deal with your problem. VCDeasy is a good program, but it frustrates the heck out of me. I don't know if it has bugs or if it is too fussy about input video, but it has done this to me too. For example, I had about 70 minutes of VCD video I gave it and it reported that my video was about 30 minutes long. What you have to do is go to the section where you can make entry points (chapters) and see how long it says your video is. If it says it's shorter than the correct length, you're screwed. You can try remuxing the file as sometimes, but not always, that helps. I had one file I remuxed with 3 different muxers and it finally took it and reported the correct length. I had another file that no matter what I did, it would not report the correct length for the video. If you burn and it says your video is shorter than you know it to be, it will stop exactly where it says it will. For example, if you're trying to burn a 70 minute file and VCDeasy says it's 30 minutes long, 30 minutes is all you get. If it's not a bug in VCDeasy, then it should have a switch where you can turn off the strict video checking and just burn it anyway. In cases where VCDeasy simply will not correctly report the length of my video, I have to burn with Nero. I can't do entry points, but at least it burns the full movie. Try remuxing and if that fails, you will have to use another program like Nero to burn it. :-(

-- Jason (, March 22, 2002.

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