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I have an FN-100, 100 exposer back for a Canon F-1N. Does anyone know where I can buy film cassetes and or a bulk film loader for this unit.

-- Willis H. Power (, March 21, 2002


You'll need the old Film Loader 250 (just set it for 100-exp before you start loading) and Film Magazines FN-100 (s/h/b 2 included with your FN-100. All this stuff can be found on e-bay from time to time - check once a week for a month and you'll probably find everything you need. I just picked up (4) spare magazines and the guy still has (2) more.

I thought I was so cool when I picked up my FN-100 Film Chamber (NOS) for only $150 several years ago at a swap meet. Then, after I began looking around for someone to develop 100-exp roll of file, I finally realized why they weren't more popular.

I was getting ready to sell mine on e-bay (still never been used) when I saw a Morse G-3 Developing Tank - designed to process 100' of 16 or 35mm (movie) film - and realized that that was what I needed. I won it with a $42 bid!!

So besides a loader and magazines, you also need to consider developing. I've been told that you stand the best chance of getting slide film developed in more-than-36-exp lengths and that is only in BIG cities.

If anyone out there has developed long rolls in a Morse tank, I'd appreciate hearing from them. Thanx.

-- A. W. Covert (, May 13, 2002.

I've considered looking into one of these, but decided to check out processing first before making the investment. Modernage ( in New York and A&I ( in L.A. both handle long rolls and charge by the foot.

-- David Goldfarb (, May 16, 2002.

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