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Hello.. first time here.. I have made a vcd and I get no brief pauses with it.. When I made a svcd, it plays for about 2-3 sec, pauses for about 1/2 sec and then resumes.. I'm capturing from my video camera through the Dazzle DVC 80, using video wave 4. I then saved it to an AVI file to the desktop. I encoded it with Tmpenc, to Mepg-2 and then I burned with Nero 5. Any other ideas?? Thanks, billy

-- billy gauthier (, March 21, 2002


I have a few ideas. What's the make and model of your DVD player? Some don't fully support SVCD. The DVD player compatibility list at is a good place to start. Did you use a SVCD template in TMPGenc or did you simply convert using your own settings? Too high a bit rate in SVCD can sometimes cause problems like you have. SVCD is supposed to keep the video bit rate below 2600 Kbps. Actually, the combined audio+video bitrates are supposed to be below 2723 Kbps according to the standard, which means if you use 224 Kbps for audio, your video should be at 2500 Kbps or less.

-- Jason (, March 22, 2002.

thanks for the info.. My DVD is on the list that supports svcd"s , and I did use a bitrate of 2344.. I'll try using a different codec for encoding and see what I get.. Thanks Again. Billy

-- billy gauthier (, March 22, 2002.

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