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I would like to know if there a fast .avi to mpeg-1 encoder. The on I am using is extremely slow, something like 10 mins encode to 1 min of movie. I am using TMPGEnc. Thanks for the help

-- Keith Hartman (, March 21, 2002


I think LSX is supposed to be faster, but it's not free and it's debateable if it's actually better than TMPGenc or not. Some say yes, others say no. TMPGenc relies on your CPU for horsepower, so I suspect your CPU is not very powerful for the results you're getting. You're likely to get similar slow results from any encoder if that's the case as all software encoders work quicker with faster CPUs. To give you a frame of reference, last week I encoded a DVD with TMPGenc to VCD. I have a 1 GHz Athlon with 512 MB of memory and it took almost 3 hours to encode the movie, which was 74 minutes long.

-- Jason (, March 21, 2002.

wow..that must be nice..until i get my new system..this one is an amd k-6 533mhz and it takes about 30 hours for a 90 min movie.

-- john boy (, March 22, 2002.

Then it's time to get either a P4 2.2GHz or Athlon +1900 running with 1GB DDR SDRAM.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 23, 2002.

i am in the middle of building one.. asus a7v333 motherboard amd xp1800(cant afford bigger right now) 3 40 gig ibm hd 2 on raid 0 ati radeon 8500dv 1 gig ddr ram(not sure which brand yet) very simple and kick butt

-- john boy (, March 25, 2002.

Thanks for all the info, I guess I will have to suck it in till I can get a faster machine. Maybe someday.

-- Keith Hartman (, March 25, 2002.

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