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Hi I'm Rafal. I have got Canon T80. I really like this camera - so I do not wish to change for a new one. I had a problem - after switching on the camera is giving only silent "click" and do not want to do anything more!!!

If anybody has any sugestion?

-- Rafal Zahorski (, March 21, 2002


I appreciate yoou like your T80, but it really is not too good a camera.

Have you tried a T90? Good ones are readily available on e-bay and will take most of the same accessories as the T80. The T90 is a far superior camera, very accurate spot and partial metering, excellent motor drive, the brightest viewfinder of any manual focus SLR and all powered by available anywhere AA bateries.

All the T90 lacks over the T80 is autofocus, but if you want autofocus, buy an EOS!

-- Joe Margetts (, March 22, 2002.

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