R 4S, best slow speed results.

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When using the R4s on a tripod with slow film and slow shutter speeds, is there any way to minimize the effect of the mirror moving. Yes, I know an R6-8 would solve the problem, but unless someone wants to trade me straight up, my r4s for r6-8, it's not in the cards right now.

I'm wondering if the old Pentax 67 trick of pressing your palm firmly on the top of the prism will help with the R4s. That may have only been for shutter bounce on the 67. I suppose I'll give it a try, but was wondering what you all think.


-- Mark (acerview76eus@yahoo.com), March 21, 2002


A Leicaflex would also solve the problem. The Leicaflex Standard has MLU, and the SL and SL2 can be tricked into pre-firing the mirror.

-- Douglas Herr (telyt@earthlink.net), March 21, 2002.

Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but:

I've always heard that IF you're working on a tripod with an SLR, a longer time may actually give better results than a shortish time, because more of the exposure takes place after the mirror shake has damped down.

I.E. if it takes 1/8th of a second for the shake to dissipate, a 1/8th second exposure will be 'shaken' for the entire time, whereas a 1- second exposure will only be shaken for 1/8 of the exposure, and a 2- second exposure will only be shaken for 1/16 the exposure, etc. Other factors (wind, subject motion, etc.) may intervene, however.

With a small camera like the R I'd expect any human touching to cause more shake than it damps (reason for cable releases) - with the big Pentax with its big mirror, a soft human palm might well have a rubbery shock-absorbing effect but without imparting much movement to the more massive camera.

-- Andy Piper (apidens@denver.infi.net), March 21, 2002.


I had an SL and loved it but I wanted to use the new 35-70 f4 as my main lens for my type of photograhy, so I swapped it for the 4s. I love the lens, but yes somtimes miss the SL.

No takers on the trade eh?

-- Mark (acerview76eus@yahoo.com), March 21, 2002.

Andy, makes sense, I'll try it.

-- Mark (acerview76eus@yahoo.com), March 21, 2002.

Damn Andy,

You Da Ansa-man today. I never thought about that one re. long vs. short speeds; should be applicable to the M as well...cool.

-- chris chen (chrischen@msn.com), March 21, 2002.

Doug- How do you trick an SL into prefiring the mirror?


-- adam g. lang (aglang@hotmail.com), March 21, 2002.

Give the shutter release a quick tap with the pads of your fingers, the mirror should release. Also works with just about any manual shutter on any brand. Happy mirror lock-up!! Brooke

-- Brooke Anderson (dbanders@videotron.ca), March 25, 2002.

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