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I just wnated to know did anybody attend the Homegoing service of Bishop Ming and if so how did it go?

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002


Mr. Smith:

How do you THINK it went? It was a funeral. We are taking our "freedom of speech" abilities to a whole new level on this discussion board.

God bless everyone.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

I was wondering if the service of rememberance was as spiritually uplifting as Mrs. Ming -- I think sometimes as Christians we forget that the goal is to reach heaven and therfore a funeral is a Celebration of Translation to heaven -- I not trying to be disrespectful!

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

"Sister Joyce", "Sister Joyce":

It's good to see you back on here again. That's if you're the same "Sister Joyce" from Chicago.

I think Mr. Smith may have been asking for some details -- like, who did the eulogy and who was present and what they had to say.

If anybody out there knows. I'd like to find out myself.

Be gentle when you answer, and keep in touch.

Bye, Bye.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

I attended the services and they were truly a celebration, which I think was appropriately befitting of the life, service and ministry rendered by Bishop Ming. His family and the Allen Church family left no stones unturned. The music, worship and words of comfort were both appropriate and uplifting. The anthem was "Let Mount Zion Rejoice."

Also appropriately, Bishop Anderson who talked about the relationship of Philip, Nathaniel and friendships delivered the eulogy. I believe Bishop Ming would have been most pleased as the people of God from across the Connection and the world came together to both say and sing, "Servant of God, Well Done."

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

My wife, Carlene and I attended the services yesterday, driving up in the rain from Baltimore, Maryland. It was a service befitting for Bishop Ming. The overall tone of the service was spiritual. The prayer given by Bishop Hildebrand was very warm and uplifting. The music by the choir was melodious, from the prayer response to the anthem. The selected scriptures were comforting. I really enjoyed the words of comfort by those who knew the Bishop, but i must single out the tribute by John Walker who spoke on behalf of his friends, his classmates, his Fraternity Brothers ( John who is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi) chided Donald for trying to get him to Pledge Alpha while at Wilberforce. Dr. Jayme Coleman Williams spoke representing The General Officers also recalled the Bishop's days as a student at the 'force. Mr Arthur Brown, representing the Lay spoke eloquately about how The Bishop, once elected never let the Lay down, being a responsible Bishop. I quess I was overwhelmed by the Family tribute given by Mr Robert Leigh Pruitt, II. I remembered when he was born, living two blocks away in Cambria Heights, N.Y. His proud dad was the late Rev. Robert L. Pruitt. He was the pastor of Metropolitan AME in NYC. Carlene and I were members of Allen AME, Jamaica and we had gotten married two years earlier in Allen, which was then pastored by the Rev. Emmer H. Booker. We greeted Rev.& Mrs Ming as the new Pastor and I served on his Board of Stewards. All of us were neighbors and became fast friends, Bobby Pruitt, Donald Ming and I were real Frat Brothers. The message of faith came from Bishop Vinton Anderson, lifelong friend, classmate, fraternity brother and Brother Bishop. The message was consoling to those who knew Bishop Anderson and Bishop Ming. As I said earlier, It was spiritual. The services ended on a high note. Many, many folks from across the continent and abroad came to pay tribute and to greet each other as only we know how. Bishop Ming brought many of us together that we have not seen in years. I can say, as a P.K. that I knew Rev(Bishop) Ming and his wife who Carlene and I affectionately called her (Mother Bunny) as the ideal ministerial couple who really ministered to us in our early years and set the example of christian living. One last note, Rev. Floyd Flake, one of my classmates and the Allen Family was super as the Host Church, The meal and the Transportation servioces were great.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

Dear Brother Smith Thank you for posting this question. I was unable to attend and appreciate those who have answered. Thank you so much. Sis. Joyce (from Chicago)greetings to you again. I am disappointed by your response. I hope all is well with you and your husband.My prayers are for you as well during this time of transition in the First District. How are things with Bishop Cousin in the Fourth Sis. Joyce? I would appreciate any updates from your District.

God Bless You All

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2002

Thanks to each of you who gave reflections of the Homegoing Service for our dear Bishop Donald George Kenneth Ming - I can just imagine - from your comments - how uplifting it must have been. From your comments, I hear the music, the comments and the message! Oh, how I pray that the life I live will generate a Homegoing of Joy and Loving reflections. I can almost see Bishop Ming strutting across the platform - shouting "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!" Thanks again for sharing with the many of us who were unable to attend. May God bless this ministry of sharing.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2002

Thanks to all who have given us a glimpse of the homegoing celebration of Bishop Ming. Thanks Mark for asking the question because all of us wanted to know what the songs were, who prayed, who preached. We just wanted to know all that was said and done.

Although, I only got to hear him preach once, I must admit, he left me in awe. I thank God that I had sense enough to get the video. Yes, I've invited my friends over and we've had church with Bishop Ming. What a time! And I get to hear him anytime. Praise God!

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2002

I think this is beautiful. To see folks care enough to take the time to post details of Bishop Ming's homegoing. Also, it makes me proud to know that my bishop delivered the message. Positive feedback shows us that Jesus' teaching on love was not in vain. Take care all. Be blessed. Reverend Evelyn M. Johnson 2nd Episcopal District.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

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