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I just received my Vivitar Slide Printer by mail order and am trying to use it for the first time.

So far I am having HUGE problems trying to load the flim pack in the Vivitar and can't find any information to help--it's been a while since I've taken my image transfer class. I've gone through 2 packs of film and my frustration level is at an all-time high.

I'm out in the UK and haven't found many people in the photo shops here in London who have heard about image transfers so anyone who can offer help by e-mail has my undying gratitude.

-- Andrea Wilczynski (, March 20, 2002


hi andrea,

i had similar frustrations the first time i used the vivitar. the film would not feed through and everything got bunched up. this happened because i didnt start properly; i pulled the the black sheet out before closing the case. i had some dumb idea that i should manually feed the prints thru the rollers. it turns out, you just have to trust the thing will work without your fussing on the back side of the rollers. i learned this the hard way!

today i just finished a whole pack and it worked great from the start. here is what i did.

1) made sure i was using the Polacolor ER 669 film. made sure the metal rollers inside the film case were clean and dry, and no sticky stuff was lingering at the corners of the plastic casing where the film exits.

2) after unwrapping the film pack and holding it only by the edges, i loaded in into place in the vivitar, with the white tabs and the flopping black sheet facing the latch side of the case on top of the Vivitar.

3) i made sure the white tabs are resting as flat as possible in their little notch at the bottom of the exit side of the case. i also noted that the black sheet is connected to the top white tab. this is how i knew the small white tab eventually has to exit at the bottom too (NOT BETWEEN THE ROLLERS)

4) i closed the case and latched it.

5) i pulled on the black safety sheet steadily until the whole length of it came out of the bottom of the base (underneath the latch). there is room for it there--its not too tight. yank it if you have to--its pretty tough paper.

6) after pulling the black sheet out, i noticed one small white tab appeared at the bottom, sticking out, where the black sheet used to be. this is what is supposed to happen. NOTE: at this point, nothing is poking out the little door above, where the film exits.

7) i exposed the first print and then pulled on the small white tab. the arrows tab, which is the end of the print, suddenly appeared peeking out the exit door above, which is right in front of the rollers. apparently, the force of pulling that smaller white tab all the way out is enough to force it through. i just had to trust it!

8) the last step is pulling out the arrows tab and getting your peel- apart print out completely. then you can do your image transfer with it...( a whole other story of complications!)

9) a new small white tab should appear poking out the bottom again, awaiting your next exposure. dont pull on it until after you have exposed the print.

If you can download PDF files, then go to Polaroid's website and get the user manual on Instant Pack Films. It has some troubleshooting tips for film jams so you dont have to lose a whole roll--only one print.

go here: then click on the "Instant Pack Film Guide" to download it. (it's 14pp)

also, there is a book by Kathleen Carr called "Polaroid Transfers", which is most helpful fo the image transfer part. Maybe you already have it. Good Luck ! I am just starting out with this myself, and i think its worth it to go through some frustration. :)

ilona miko

-- ilona miko (, April 23, 2002.

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