Burning pre-existing slideshow to VCD

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I am totally new to all of this so any help/tips/advice is greatly appreciated!! I have created a slideshow that was compiled in Slides and Sound Plus (v.2.0 - by InMedia). I'd like to turn this slideshow into a VCD. Does anyone know how I can burn a slideshow from another application into a VCD? I'm hearing lots of great things about Nero but since I've already created the slideshow with music and transitions, I don't want to have to rebuild it in another application. Thanks in advance for any replies.

-- Sandra L. Born (Sandra@DIVADesign.biz), March 20, 2002


first of all, what is the extension of the file you saved your slideshow in, is it avi/mpg/exe/wmv/asf???


-- mtekayo@yahoo.com (Sandra@DIVADesign.biz), April 01, 2002.

ppt extension

-- robin saha (rsaha_1968@yahoo.com), August 01, 2003.

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