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Our church has been having its spring revival, and it's been glorious. Last evening the evangelist preached on Elijah's chariot ride to Heaven, but the focus was more on Elisha.

In 2 Kings 2: we see that Elisha demonstrated a hunger not normally seen in many followers of God. That final day of Elijah's on earth Elisha walked with him from city to city, a total of 28 miles. He refused to leave Elijah's side, and would not allow the other prophets to distract him by speaking to him of his master's departure.

Then Elijah asked what it was Elisha desired. This was what he'd been walking those miles and waiting to hear. A double portion of the Spirit of Elijah came the reply. And Elijah said that if he saw him depart, he'd receive this gift. From there it appears Elisha may have actually been holding on to Elijah, because when the horsemen showed up they separated the two of them.

I imagine Elisha was blown off his feet when that happened, and after the horsemen had departed with Elijah, all that remained was his mantle. Elisha immediately put it to use, demonstrating that he'd received his request.

There's a ton of things we can learn from this. When we demonstrate that hunger that Elisha did, God may ask us what we desire. Like Solomon we may have a blank check in front of us. Solomon asked for wisdom. Elisha asked for the same Spirit that rested on Elisha (the Holy Spirit). What would you ask for?

There will come a point where God's gift lies in front of you. Like an old prophet's cloak it may not look like much at first, but that's what God has for you, and it's absolutely the best gift you could ever have. As you grow you'll find God gives you these gifts again and again as you need or desire them.

After this service God told me that my gift was going to be the gift of fasting. I'd always considered this to be a duty or a technique, not a gift, and I would never have thought to ask for this. But the Lord showed me that in my life this was going to be a key that unlocks many doors, and that I would learn to treasure this gift.

Sometimes we look at God's gift like a kid who has received something he didn't want for Christmas. But God knows what gift we need.

What did Elisha do? He received his gift, and began to operate in it. He employed it. He began to live differently in the light of that new gift. We need to receive the gifts God gives us by faith, and immediately live differently in light of the new thing we have.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2002


Thank you RP for your entries. They are thought provoking and drive me to my knees in prayer. God's blessings to you and your family.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2002

Thank you Sister Brooks. To God be the glory!

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2002

RP Your thoughtful meditation is very inspiring and I second Sister Brooks comments. We have not because we ask not. The community of faith would look much different if we asked for the gifts that bless the body of Christ. I want you to know that your thoughts are very encouraging to me in my personal journey and have brought me to a place of prayer and contemplation. Keep up the good work. Continue to move in the rich anointing that God has on your life. He is preparing you for a powerful work. Shalom.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

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