apo sironar s360mm lens

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Hi folks, I wish to use this lens on my 8x10 wisner camera for portraits/landscapes.Has any one used it for similar purpose. HOw does this compare to FUJICMW 360/6.5 lens. Thans for any help.

-- syed shah (syedmz@aol.com), March 20, 2002


I too haven 8x10 wisner. You obviously have good taste and are gentleman and likely a schollar. I use the Rodenstock 360mm 6.8 Calatar with immense success. I have two fuji's a 250mm and a 600mm and I cannot tell any real difference between the sharpness on the 8x10. I shoot B&W, the contrast is fine. I cannot comment on color contrast or accuracy.

The point I want to make is that debating on the relative sharpness of modern high quality lenses with multi coating is like a dog chasing its tail. The debate will rage on, as does the debate over the hasselblad Zeiss and the Rollei Schneider or Pentax 6x7 etc lenses. Alot depends on the individual lense. Some ARE better than others even from the same manufacturer. The APO really means that the green light will be focused withthe red and yellow and there will be less fringing. This will not be noticed until ou have an enlargement in the 10 X range. If you are shooting for bilboard reproduction the APO will make some difference. But remember all bilboards are now done digitally. If you are shooting for personal fullfilment and art in B&W then you will not notice any difference. But If you just have to have the best, then you have to have he APO. The only way to tell is to buy both and shoot with them then sell the one you do not like. A 360 lense is easily saleable. In fact I am looking for a second one and I could be interested in the FUJI 360.

-- ED (zeke@idirect.com), March 20, 2002.

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