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I'm not coming tomorrow night, see end*

You can help get message into national news from event tomorrow by phoning tonight KCSN announcer encouraging below PSA to be announced very frequently all night and early tomorrow morning, and by phoning the News Editors below to encourage them to come tomorrow Wednesday to cover this story at Cal State Northridge event. If you are coming tomorrow to speak at Earth Day Council (all outdoors starting at 11:16am) or to be there early for the ceremony and press conference starting at 10:30am, and you want the media to know ahead of time who you are and what your message is, you can fax them info TONIGHT at below numbers.

If you are coming tomorrow allow for traffic time, come early if possible. Directions to Campus may be obtained by calling campus info recording and entering menu #1 at 818-677-1200.

I faxed below* to these folks, please phone and encourage them to cover this:

KCSN Radio, On-Air Announcer 818-885-5276, fax 818-772-5023 Received slightly differently worded intro paragraph, same below PSA. [Note: If you Call KCSN On-Air number at top above and encourage each announcer on duty as the evening/morning goes by the chances of enough folks showing up is good to enable major media coming to then get this story out nationally]

City Desk, LA Times, ph 818-772-3340, fax 772-3338

City Desk, Daily News, ph 818-713-3709, fax 713-0058

Assignment Editor, KCBS TV, ph 232-460-3000, fax 460-3767

Assignment Editor, KNBC TV, ph 818-840-3425, fax 840-3535

Assignment Editor, KABC TV 4, ph 818-863-7600, fax 863-7080

Assignment Editor, FoxTV 11, ph 310-584-584-2023, fax 584-2023

If you know of other radio news outlets in LA you can call them tonight and suggest they send a reporter tomorrow and read below announcement on-air tonight if possible.


Dear News Assignment Editor:

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 20th there will be an amazing event on CSUN campus featured in tomorrow's Daily Sundial and their City Editor is sending a reporter to cover the event for Thursday's paper.

KCSN Radio on campus will be announcing this event all night tonight and until Noon tomorrow.

This fax is to request that you cover it and interview prominent folks coming to help get related stories into national media spotlight as per detailed info release coming soon hereafter tonight.


Wednesday March 20th at 11:16am is the moment of the Spring Equinox and the original annual Earth Day as proclaimed by the United Nations. Come to the lawn south of Oviatt Library for the first annual CSUN Earth Day Ceremony & Council promoting The Earth Charter, with a bell rung at that moment when a similar ceremony is taking place at the United Nations and many places around the world. The ceremony takes place from 10:45am until 11:16am ringing of the bell, and will be followed by an Earth Day Council featuring futurist and former NASA scientist-astronaut Brian O'Leary, cannabis hemp re-legalization movement leader Jack Herer, Twilight Zone and Star Trek screenwriter George Clayton Johnson, medical cannabis patient Sister Somayah with the California Patient Caregiver Association who was just acquitted Monday after a week-long 3-strikes trial, and American Peace Movement organizer David Crockett Williams, a 1969 CSUN Alumnus who will be conducting the Ceremony and Council.

Thanks for whatever you can do. Will later fax you detailed press release now in composition for main LA newspapers and network TV affiliates who are expected to come to cover the event whose message we hope to get into national news from here at CSUN. Meanwhile, you can see last two recent such info releases for details in latest messages posted to

David Crockett Williams Tehachapi, CA 661-822-3309


*Not having heard confirmation as of now for Dr. Wood and Alden Bryant on speakerphone at tomorrow evenings meeting at Debbie's I will not be coming to it after all. I had an interview with my local newspaper editor this morning and now in light of above I need to get back home asap tomorrow after CSUN ceremony and council to followup with media outreach towards national news.


-- Anonymous, March 19, 2002

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