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how much memory does a regular size movie take up? and when you encode it does that make it bigger, smaller,better quality?

-- stephen a. garcia (, March 19, 2002


on my machine it is aproximately 4 gigs for every 15 mins of capture.i can only cap in AVI.if you have a card that caps in mpeg and you are not gonna edit it later then that would be better.i am only familiar with mpeg1 vcd format which is 10 megabytes per 90 mins would be 900 megs. i then compress it using a codec called"huffy uv" in virtual dub..there is no loss of quality yet but the file gets smaller. then i edit in premier and output to whatever format.i would say 99% of the time when you encode, the file gets smaller.and degrades quality just a bit depending on which codec was have to think of it like tape the more you copy it the worse it gets.

-- john boy (, March 20, 2002.

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