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I just picked up a Beseler PM1A analyzer, which I am of course goint to use for B&W printing too. I have been away from these things so long I have forgotten how to set one up. Is there anybody that is willing to scan or copy a few pages from their manual so I can get this thing set up? Thanx.


-- Fred De Van (, March 19, 2002


Fred I just pickerd one up to.

Basically the best way to set it up for color is to print a good neg. till you get your best print. Then null the meter by placing the probe under the enlarger and adjusting till you are dead center(the meter). Best to go for flesh or grey area. Then note the dial settings for future use. There is another method but you need the diffuser and I havn't got that so I havn't researched it.

B&W- I just make a print that I consider dead on, and meter for the darkest area that has shadow detail, null the white dial to 0 and print by adjusting the light(not time) to null the meter.

It seems to work for me.

-- Jeff Riehl (, March 20, 2002.

I have one, and still have the original booklet. Did you want just the instructions for B&W, or did you want the color instructions, too? If you just want the B&W, then I can send the two pages or so in .pdf format. If you want the whole book, I will have to photocopy that and send it via snail mail. What's your preference?

-- Joe Lipka (, March 20, 2002.

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