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I downloaded the movie Resident Evil from When I play it all I get is sound on my media player and kazaa's theatre. Also when I try to open it on TMPGEnc software it says "cannot open or file is unsupported. Please Help.

-- Ernst Elizee (, March 19, 2002


ok man, if it is a vcd file, you need radlight, a good player you get from Or, just search for a program on that plays that type of file.

-- someone (, March 19, 2002.

It could also be that what you downloaded is crap and won't play no matter what you do. I find it amazing that people just assume that 100% of the downloadable movies out there were made perfectly. I have seen all kinds of nonsense from bizarre resolutions, strange frame rates, and so on. It may simply be that the person who made the film did not know what they were doing and never tested it to see if it would play before they made it available for download. If you downloaded a DivX file, you may also need a DivX codec if you haven't already installed one and that may be the real problem, although I think you should never rule out the possibility that the original was not made correctly. You can get info on Divx at and other places.

-- Jason (, March 20, 2002.

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