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I have read that Digitrax uses the Pear to Pear method on Loco net and NCE uses Polling on their system. I have read some about the two and the imfomation seems to say that Pear to Pear is better. My question is in reality can you realy tell the differance? This is one thing I need to know before I choose a system.

-- Phil Helton (, March 19, 2002



if you haven't already you may want to read the piece on Loconet vs others on the Digitrax web page. I know it is written by Digitrax but I think it is a reasonably fair assessment of the advantages and disadvantages.

My take is that for an average sized layout, the subject is a wash but for a large layout such as a big club, there may be some limitations to a bus scheme.

The biggest advantage to the Digitrax Loconet (Peer to Peer connection) is that new devices can be added to the network without having to worry about whether existing devices have to accomodate new traffic structures. This allows newly developed devices to communicate with each other while other devices who don't need to particiapte with them carry on doing their thing without having to be updated with new hardware or software.

You really need to consider things like whether you may want a signalling system that integrates with your operation and whether you want a computer interface that will provide you extended capabilities like automated signalling, detection, etc.

I own Digitrax but I operate on NCE equipped layouts. For operation, both work just fine - it's the (future) extras that make the difference.


-- Dale Gloer (, March 20, 2002.

Another place You might want to check is here: Follow the headings: "special features" and "CAN-bus". You'll find more info and prices on this site:

-- art luescher (, March 20, 2002.


Lenz, NCE and others use this polled interface because it is cheaper to implement in hardware. Digitrax uses the peer-to-peer method because it is easier to install. Which one you use is up to you. Are you willing to pay a slightly higher cost for convenience and less maintenance?

See some technical details at my web site:

and les/faq_dcc.htm

-- Kim Parker (, October 20, 2003.

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