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Please inform me of trails I can hike with my pet dog?

-- Isabell Hendricks (isiisi@earthlink.net), March 19, 2002


Ditto for me.

-- Terry Weber (twarky@earthlink.net), April 09, 2002.

You can hike with the pups on some of the trails at Catalina State Park, and many trails off of the Catalina Highway (Butterfly Trail, Marshall's Gulch-Aspen Trail Loop, etc.) You cannot hike with the pups in Sabino Canyon because of the wilderness area, which you have to look out for when choosing a trail. Of course, they need to be on a leash at all times according to park rules. Another place that is fun is at the Rillito. It is sandy, a great place to throw a frisbee/ball/stick, and a great workout running up and down, but you need to be careful of flash floods.

-- Sarah (sberry@theriver.com), May 28, 2002.

The following information can be found with more complete trail descriptions/regulations in the "Doin' Arizona with your Pooch!" directory of dog-friendly outdoor adventures. This great guide book offers a wealth of helpful suggestions on safety and common sense as well. Have a safe and fun adventure!

ARROYO CHICO TRAIL to REID PARK Beginner/4.0 miles/2.0 hours Be certain to visit the dog park while at Reid Park, north of pond BELLOTA TRAIL Intermediate/4.4 miles/2.0 hours THE DAVID YETMAN TRAIL Intermediate/12.0 miles/6.0 hours GATES PASS TRAIL Intermediate/4.4 miles/2.25 hours MERCER SPRINGS TRAIL Intermediate/2.6 miles/1.5 hours OLD SPANSIH TRAIL Beginner/1.0-31.4 miles/0.5-15 hours PIMA AIR & SPACE MUSEUM RED RIDGE TRAIL Expert/10.0 miles/5. hours RILLITO RIVER TRAIL Beginner/8.0 miles/4.0 hours SKY CLUB WASH INTERPRETIVE TRAIL Intermediate/3.0 miles/1.5 hours Located at the Catalina Foothills High School parking area TUCSON MOUNTAIN PARK 26 miles of trails over 22,000 acres WILD HORSE CANYON TRAIL Intermediate/5.0 miles/3.0 hours

Other trails in the Tucson area, after the fire danger is passed and the areas reopen, are the following;

BUTTERFLY TRAIL to NOVIO SPRING Intermediate/5.6 miles/3.0 hours FLORIDA SADDLE TRAIL Intermediate/6.0 hours/3. hours LEMMON ROCK TRAIL Expert/4.0 miles/2.0 hours RED RIDGE TRAIL Expert/10.0 miles/5.0 hours SOLDIER TRAIL Intermediate/5.2 miles/2.5 hours SYCAMORE RESERVOIR TRAIL Intermediate/5.0 miles/2.5 hours VENTANA CANYON TRAIL Intermediate/5.0 miles/2.5 hours WEST SPRING TRAIL HIKE Intermediate/4.4 miles/2.5 hours

CATALINA and PICACHO PEAK STATE PARKS were available at one time until they were ordered closed from cuts in the budget. If they're not closed permanently at this time, they are closed on account of the extreme fire danger. This info has been submitted on 7/12/2002

-- Fran Wilderson (wildersonf@AOL.com), July 12, 2002.

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