10-11:59am Mar.20Wed. CSUN Global Citizens ceremony, press conference, followed by American Simultaneous Policy Committee Meeting

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Thanks to Teri Livengood for update on Wednesday evening's Global Citizens evening meeting in Los Angeles. I will try to make it there myself, meanwhile; the details about the related daytime event at Cal State Northridge are below:

10-11:59am Mar.20Wed. CSUN Global Citizens ceremony, press conference, ***on lawn south of main library between Science buildings and Sierra Hall*** followed by afternoon American Simultaneous Policy Committee Meeting:

10am gather informally, available for media interviews, area will be consecrated by Tai Chi Chuan practice of local resident and practitioner/teacher associated with a UCLA student group and his over 25years independent accupunture and Tai Chi teaching and practice, Master Lawrence Todd Karol

10:30am circle of hands forms and introductory remarks, saging of the circle

10:46am to 11:16am chanting and drumming begins, mantras from Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, and Christian traditions, ending with interfaith liturgy of prayers from various traditions which if carried over media to public awareness in Jerusalem is expected to lead to quick cease fire there and this year's convening of postponed-by-911 "Jerusalem Peace Council" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jerusalem-peace-council

11:16am Earth Day prayer for implementation of the Earth Charter http://www.earthsite.org moment of spring equinox, ringing of the bell in globally coincident simultaneous symbolic prayer for the Earth and all life upon Her at the United Nations, at the Taos NM Global Peace Zone by Rev. Dr. Yusen Yamato initiator of Global Peace Walk and convenor of April 20 Spiritual Environmental Summit http://www.globalpeacenow.org, and many places around the world. The president of the University will be invited to ring the bell. This will be the first annual such ceremony at CSUN which I will conduct every year as long as I live.

12 noon informal no-host lunch and/or extended Earth Day council at ceremony site

1-5pm (depending on room availability perhaps less time) Indoor classroom style meeting under auspices of 4th Global Crisis Solutions Conference, focusing on American Simultaneous Policy Agenda campaign. Invitees will be determined from assembled group at ceremony and presently also include names mentioned on this page and in open list on email about this yesterday.

Today, Tuesday, I will send out at least one or two more updates as more details and confirmations of attendees, etc., are confirmed so that by noon a final press release will be ready to email and fax to the media to cover Wednesdays event in more depth.

Yesterday I went to campus and met with Alumni Association representative Shellie Smith who is arranging a classroom for the meeting following the ceremony, like the room we had for the Global Crisis Solutions Conference there at CSUN on September 10, 2001 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gcsc-csun The room number will not be announced ahead by email but announced at the ceremony prior, since the room will only hold about 40people.

I went to the office of the daily campus newspaper, the Daily Sundial, and was interviewed by the News Editor, who will assign a reporter to cover the events Wed. tomorrow and put an article in Thursday's paper about what happens. I gave her and the reporter below the Conference Pack of info from GCSC3 at CSUN Sept.10 and latest handouts including data set from Malibu meeting with Dennis Kucinich's "Prayer for America" speech, my 2min speech to Bakersfield City Council about "In God We Trust", and info release of yesterday already sent to you on arrangements for this event.

I was then interviewed again more extensively by a reporter reassigned on the spot from his present story to cover this one for an article which will come out in the paper on Wednesday morning to alert students about the ceremony and the meeting to develop the American Simultaneous Policy Agenda, assign agenda item chairpeople, set up their support team lists etc. I got to explain in some detail about the Space Preservation, Nuclear Disarmament, Climate Stabilization, Energy Reform, and Hemp Reform "Five Fingers of the Hand of Peace" initial American Simultaneous Policy agenda items targeting June13 implementation initition by Congress and the UN, with, respectively, my designation of "chairpeople" leading focus of each agenda item implementation as: Carol Rosin of Institite for Cooperation In Space (he seemed to vaguely know Daniel Sheehan's name), William and Ellen Thomas of Proposition One and Peace Through Reason in Washington DC, Alden Bryant of Earth Regeneration Society, Brian O'Leary convenor of GCSEN, and Jack Herer of H.E.M.P. Help Eliminate Marijuana Prohibition. He and the others in the office were most excited about Jack Herer's coming (young people all know of Jack's work and issue and are most interested in it as the youth) and look forward to meeting and interviewing him about reporting on his reasons for endorsement of these other issues and agenda.

The other reporters etc in the room during my histrionic "pounding on the table about this as a chance for them to make history by covering this story, issues of the "Five Fingers of the Hand of Peace" etc were all interested. Some said they would come on their own. As I confirm other recognizable names as who will be attending the ceremony (this is the main item of TV media interest, photo op, etc) I will include in later releases today and by noon the Daily Sundial reporter will need all new info available to put into his Wednesday article (eg, if Carol Rosin will be there and other recognizable names, etc)

So far confirmed in this catagory: Brian O'Leary, scientist/futurist, etc.; Jack Herer, globally recognized leader of the cannabis hemp full-relegalization issue; Sister Somayah Kambui, medical marijuana patient just acquited yesterday after over a week of trial in LA and coordinator of the annual Cures Not Wars Mayday (May 4, 2002) event; (these names will already be included in the article); George Clayton Johnson, longtime screenwriter and author of many TV and movie scripts and books from "Twilight Zone" episodes to "Oceans Eleven".

First thing this morning I go in for an invited interview by the editor of the local Tehachapi News weekly which will do a story that will go onto the AP wire.

More later this morning after getting out this quick alert. It's happening folks, first meeting with media coverage which by your networking support now this morning can be leveraged into an LA Times article in Thursday's paper about what happens Wednesday (onto AP wire for national reprinting in other papers) and at least one LA Television News network covering the ceremony and brief "sound byte" messages afterwards, sideline interviews there on the lawn, etc.

David Crockett Williams on behalf of Global Citizens for a Sustainable Existence Now! American Simultaneous Policy Agenda Committee secretary http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gcsen http://groups.yahoo.com/group/american-simultaneous-policy

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2002

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